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I am so impressed with the passion Cindy Barron has for helping women define their style and choose the clothes and makeup that suits them from the inside out. She has known personally how important image is both personally and professionally. Now with zeal, intelligence and warmth, she brings clarity to her clients and solutions that go well beyond their expectations. No one demonstrates better than Cindy how the right choices in clothes can transform someone's life.

Brenda Kinsel, Award-Winning Image Consultant, and Author of 5 Books on Image & Fashion


Cindy has taught me the importance of not only feeling good on the inside, but also how to really wow people in those first 30 seconds for a great first impression. She showed me how to prepare myself to walk out my door each day and present the best image possible. I know I am professionally put together. With her knowledge and encouragement, I am comfortable with my own hair and body, and by using her shopping tips I know how to show them off.

There is enough stress in most women’s everyday lives; what we choose to wear and how we present ourselves should not be one of them.

After teaching me to skillfully shop for the proper fit and what colors work for me, I love going to my closet every day.  Everything works, from scarves to shoes. She has helped me look younger and slimmer by choosing the fit of my clothes carefully. Some of us need that! My Custom Color Analysis is a valuable tool that enables me to shop on my own with confidence, and I know she is only one phone consultation away if I have a fashion emergency or just need extra guidance for a big presentation or event.

Because of the difference Cindy has made in my life I enjoy introducing her to other professional organizations. She brings a unique value to all of us because of her talents. I’ve known Cindy for over ten years and respect her business acumen, along with her ability to diplomatically handle difficult situations. This is especially important when it comes to something as sensitive as our self-esteem and self-image. Everyone should sit down with Cindy and see what value she can bring to a woman’s everyday life.

Carol Eckelkamp, Financial Services Professional


I was extremely impressed with your studio and your services. When I walked into your studio, I instantly felt comfortable and pampered. The atmosphere is chic and classy, yet ultra professional – which matched the service I was provided. I came in with no expectations, but left feeling like a polished diamond. You made sure that you took your time and that I was comfortable with the process.

Your approach was professional (which is rare anymore) and fun. You made me feel relaxed and indulgent. I will definitely use your expertise again and will highly recommend you to others. You have a great talent and an inviting spirit that makes a person not want to leave your studio. Thanks for making me look and feel better than before I walked through your door.

Aundráy Collins, Image & Communications Consultant


One of my favorite gifts to receive was a color analysis by Cindy. What a pleasure to work with her! I love that she explained what she was doing as she worked through the color samples and took the time to find out my interest in clothes and style. She put together my color fan and explained to me how to put my colors and clothes together so that I could be more confident in my choices. Her professionalism and organization came through in her paperwork which thoroughly explained my colors and the best way to use the color fan while I shop or with my own clothes. Cindy certainly has an eye for color and style, and she shared this talent with me and gave me the boost I needed to get dressed each day as if it were a very special day.

Caroline Davis, Stay-at-Home Mom


Cindy, I cannot tell you how many times I got complimented on my clothing, my hair, or my overall look! I mentioned in my speech how important your company image is, and I said I had hired an image consultant. A bunch of people came up to say that it really shows that I hired someone! I wanted to say THANK YOU again and that I really felt the difference in my confidence.

Lorie Marrero, CPO®, Author, Spokesperson, and Creator of The Clutter Diet


I have long admired people who looked great, but I never thought I could be one of them. I asked Cindy for help because I admired her appearance and her presence. Within a matter of weeks, she remade me. Cindy asked lots of questions to find out what my goals were, and then she revamped my wardrobe to help me reach those goals. From clothes to shoes to bags to jewelry to makeup, she did a total makeover. Not only do I feel beautiful and fashionable, but I'm receiving compliments on my appearance all the time. And the best part is that I still feel very much like myself. Cindy changed everything on the outside in a way that complimented who I am on the inside. I'm forever grateful.

Taline Manassian, Attorney


I am a teacher of both voice and piano to students of all ages. At times I also perform in various recitals and stage presentations. Because of this, my personal appearance is very important.

I recently accompanied my husband on a business trip to Austin and was thrilled to schedule an appointment with Cindy Barron for a color analysis. I have known her for some time and have always been impressed with her sense of style and professionalism. During my appointment she was also kind enough to give me some make-up and style pointers.

As a result of my custom color analysis, I have been asked by friends, my hairdresser and even sales clerks where they can find an image consultant. Shopping is so much easier - I LOVE MY COLOR FAN!!

Thanks to Cindy, I have developed an increased "quiet confidence" and look forward to working with her again on my next visit.

Margaret Graham, Performer and Music Teacher


Cindy made the process of developing my color palette relaxing and like a spa service. The best part was the product she created for me that I will have forever: my unique color palette. I use it for purchasing new outfits and I use it in my closet to create outfits from clothing combinations that I did not know complimented each other. Cindy greatly enhanced my understanding of colors and how I can use them in my personal and professional life to achieve a desired look. I am so pleased with the service she provided and feel that I have finally found the missing piece to how I can look and dress the best!

Jodi Heins, VP of Insurance Company


Ediquette Tip

ediquette image consulting tip
After an interview, be sure to write a thank you note to the interviewer thanking them for their time and the information they shared with you about the company.  If you’re interested in the job, express your interest.  If you’ve decided the job isn’t a good fit, send the thank you note anyway.  They’ll remember your graciousness.