Barron image consulting

Because of the difference Cindy has made in my life I enjoy introducing her to other professional organizations. She brings a unique value to all of us because of her talents.  I’ve known Cindy for over ten years and respect her business acumen, along with her ability to diplomatically handle difficult situations. This is especially important when it comes to something as sensitive as our self-esteem and self-image. Everyone should sit down with Cindy and see what value she can bring to a woman’s everyday life. 

Carol Eckelkamp, Financial Services Professional


Image Tip of The Month

speaking image consulting tip
Often we want to clear our throats before we speak in front of a group of people. This actually makes our voice sound tense. It’s much better to drink some water and take three deep breaths before speaking. This relaxes our voice, making it much more well-received by our audience.